Feature Request: Appearance Control for Dark Mode in Published Docs

Requesting a control to set the dark mode behaviour on published docs (under ‘Publish This Doc’ > Appearance). I need to set my published doc to Light so it can integrate into our website better, and so the user experience can follow current web browsing norms.

We use published Coda docs on a custom domain to integrate the power of Coda functionality into our website. However, we’ve noticed a user experience issue due to the automatic switching of dark mode in these docs. Our website primarily features light pages, and an abrupt transition to a dark-themed Coda page can be jarring for users.

For users who have their phone or computer preferences set to Dark appearance, the majority of their web browsing is still light mode because most web pages don’t have automatic dark-switching.

You’ve done a great job of implementing dark mode for docs, and in giving the user option to set appearance set to Dark, Light or Use System Setting. So we just need this option as a setting on published docs, too.