Docs with Dark Backgrounds and Light Text Colors

It would be really great if we could easily “ Create & publish Coda docs with dark backgrounds and light text fonts .”

‘Dark Mode’ apps, themes, web pages, and device settings are very popular now. So, it’s important to be able to create Coda docs that will look good when embedded or viewed on websites and devices that also have darker themes and backgrounds.

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Hey JT! Dark mode is definitely something we’ve discussed. This isn’t the feature you’re looking for, per se, but many of use Dark Reader in the evenings until we build the real thing.

We intend to build a native feature that would enable this for internal and published docs, but hopefully this will be easy on the :eyes: in the meantime.


Thx for your reply, @Joe! So glad to hear you are actively developing the dark background capability for internal/published docs!

I’m also currently using Dark Reader, and my organization is really looking forward to being able to natively publish and embed Coda docs that integrate and look great on websites and mobile apps with dark themes! I’d be happy to help beta test when you’re getting closer. Dark themes are becoming more and more pervasive on the web…
-JT :sunglasses: