How cool Coda could be in dark mode

Coda could be amazing on dark mode. Notion has it and it makes the experiences much more relaxing for the eyes. Just uploaded the image to show how it would look like.


Dear @Guilherme_Salles, welcome to the community :handshake:

Give yourself an "unofficial" dark mode


This a cool solution, but not enough. Thanks for the tip anyway!

I use the app a lot on my phone at night right before I go to bed to write up notes in my various docs. Or comment on things that my co-workers are saying. Having an official Dark mode in both the browser and especially the app would be very much appreciated.

Writing up notes and making comments legitimately hurts at night.

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Here to agree and bump this request. I came to the suggestion box section specifically because of the lack of dark-mode. It feels like a basic quality of life necessity. As TechPlasma said— making notes at night on mobile legitimately hurts. I can see this being a limiting factor of my use of this app.

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@EvanBrooks Is it on the road map or something?

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+1 dark mode would be a great feature

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Welp, hope this feels cool enough :wink:

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Thanks a lot! This will make my use of Coda much more confortable.