Theming support

I think you are all doing a fantastic job on Coda :clap:

I am suggesting that at minimum, a dark theme for the application is added. Thanks


:clap::clap::clap: for something easy on the eyes early in the morning!


Thanks @Peter_S for the :clap:!

Totally hear you on the themes - we’ve actually mocked a few different ways we could do theming with the product but haven’t landed a model yet. Are you looking more for personal use / ease on the eyes, or something enhancing the presentation of docs to others collaborators?


I would love to be able to add custom images (or images from a Coda bank) with an opacity parameter.
Also, simple theme like dark could be nice.

@evan, any update on this suggestion ? Dark theme (=night mode) would be very appreciated, especially in winter with long long nights…


Totally agree, I’d love to see a dark theme. It’s especially important/helpful for those of us who need higher-contrast interfaces.


I am using the darkreader extension which works relatively well but would love to see builtin support for a dark theme.

Dark theme = MVP Feature :wink: Please prioritize this


I would also like to see a more compact theme, and an option to change default text size. There’s a lot of extra space between rows, and between columns, and the font size could be smaller (or bigger, in some cases) and there’s no way to change that.

Also, choice of color palettes, or customizable color palettes, to match corporate colors for branded apps.

– Maria


Is there really no dark theme available?
I really cant understand why such essential features are treated as an afterthought.
A dark mode should be the default setting imho.

I would have really preferred to use coda.
However, there is a similar product that has a dark mode available and I refuse to use eye cancer inducing bright UIs.

Sad that it would come down to such a basic feature not being available.

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I am here just to bump the dark mode request. Compared to where Coda was on day one, users needing dark mode is probably a good sign that it has become a really integrated part of our lives, and that’s a good thing :slight_smile:.

Knowing the Coda team, they’ll get around to this as quickly as possible, once they’ve added the myriad other features that we’ve requested of them :grateful_smile:


I think having a “table” theme would be nice. Like you can with Excel pivot tables.

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I second this. I would like to rejuvenate the discussion on this. I would prefer a Solarized light and dark mode because during the day the light mode is really easy on the eyes and the same for dark mode at night.


I would like to have the ability edit each form element and determine borders, background color and padding for that element. Also the ability to add in Horizontal and vertical lines to help break up the layout.


I’d like to chime in my request for a dark theme

I personally use the Chrome extensions “Dark Reader” to great success.

To add an additional reason to prioritize theming: I struggle with sensory issues, and have not been able to use the Coda app because the bright orange causes headaches. A dark theme would be an excellent alternative. Coda seems like a neat tool; it’s just not accessible to me yet. :confused:

I must say that I miss a dark theme on Coda especially now that everything (Mac, iPhone, iPad) can finally run on a Dark Mode :slight_smile: .

I highly suggest you try: Dark Reader


It’s on my long ToDo list of things to try :wink: since I’ve read this topic and saw you’ve mentioned it :wink: .
(I don’t Chrome that much as I rarely used it before discovering Coda)

It wasn’t really a “critic” from me earlier as it’s not a deal breaker for me, just if it was implemented, it would be great too :wink: .

But it might really help @Molly_Pfaff though :slight_smile: