Theming support

I’m just bumping here to thank you for suggesting Dark Reader :grin: .
It’s very efficient :grin: :+1: :wink: !

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Really, we need Dark Theme!

Any news on this?

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Thanks for the suggestion. With Dark Reader and Chrome Shortcuts, Coda is coming closer to a perfect standalone app.

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Hi, could you also refer me to the similar product? I’m always on the lookout for alternatives and would love to check it out

Thanks to everyone’s recommendation of Dark Reader. Am personally using the “Light” theme, which makes everything grey, and am loving it!

Hi I’d like to add to this conversation by stating that I’d like to be able to “Create & publish Coda docs with dark backgrounds and light text fonts.”

It’s important to be able to create docs that will look good when embedded or viewed on websites that have darker themes and backgrounds.

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Dark Reader corrupts the look of tables and colors. I also used another extension in Safari, works better than Dark Reader, but still colors are not real. Also when using dark extensions, I cannot know which row number is highlighted when I edit a row.

Still a built-in dark theme is important.
I use Coda as a system more than a doc.

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Bumping this thread hoping get a status update on “Creating & publishing Coda docs with dark backgrounds and light text fonts.” ??


Dark mode is what keeps me going back to Notion, tables are what keeps me going back to Coda. I think it’s easier for you to fix your templates than it is for Notion to fix their tables.


Another thing I’d really like to see is the option for a more compact/minimalist interface. I like to do my work in a less candy-looking environment (smaller elements, smaller text, smaller margins/spaces between elements. I’m thinking somewhere on the Wikipedia vein)


Nailed it. That is exactly what I feel as well.

Please @coda team, bring the dark mode and we can dump Notion for once and for all :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there some straightforward reason why dark theme is still unavailable as an option? For a production team that seems quite responsive on all other fronts, isn’t there some way to just simply give a timeline as to when this be available? Hello?

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Dark mode isn’t a trivial thing to implement and it can add a fair amount of work to any features added afterwards. We do have people internally who want dark mode as well, so we definitely understand the request, but we also have to measure how much work we might be adding moving forward while the product is still growing in some big ways.

It’s in the notes and it’s known as a wanted feature, but we don’t have an ETA for when it’ll hit the front burner.


I would be very, very thankful for a dark theme! It would help me integrate into my work and life styles much easier.

I undertstand that it’s no trivial feature despite appearances, but it’s also become an essential part of a critical mass of people’s workflow.