Append to canvas

Is it possible to append to a canvas column via API/Make?

Meaning can you add a column to a table that did not previously exist?

If that is what you mean, then no unfortunately not. Every column in every table must always be manually added.

No, I mean appending content at the end of a canvas. Not replacing the whole canvas.

It could likely be done via the api, but it could be done even easier by importing your desired values to append into a helper table in the Coda doc

Then using some coda Automations that trigger when that row is added

Have the coda automation append the information for you using ModofyRows() and make the final value a concatenation of the current data in the canvas + lineBreak + appended value

Of course, more context always helps!

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I don’t know if your problem was solved yet, but this is actually very easy with Make. I just did it myself. Once you connect Coda to Make, you can select the document and then the table in which you want to display your values. Each column in the table will be available, including canvasses. Sadly, markdown is not supported.

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