Auto adjust dependent task start and end dates

In a table with dependent and prerequisite tasks defined, is it possible to auto adjust the start and end dates of tasks “downstream” a project timeline when the end date of one of their dependent tasks shifts?

Hi @Enoch_Councill

Please have a look on this little example

  • I’ve a table with tasks, an automatic end date which is “start date ok” + duration. Start date OK is set either manual or autoimatic according to upstream parent tasks
  • I set a column “upstream dependent”, allowing multiple tasks.
  • I’ve got a checkbox for manual start. If checked, it will take into account a manual date you have to enter (useful especially for the beginning of project). If unchecked, manual start will be calculated as the maximum of end date for each upstream dependent task (column autostart date)


Then, as long as the manual start checkbox is unchecked, for each tasks it will adjust the start date to the maximum of upstream date, and autoadjust it. Please have a play with embed and let me know if it can help you



ignore this response - I figured out my question

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