Automated create prefilled rows on a schedule WHEN something occurs in another table

So part of our business is to have various machines maintenance on a set schedule with various maintenance per service ie: 1. oil change at every 30 days. pump oil 90 days, air filter 1 year, pump replacement 3 years ect ect.

We utilize a master task list in CODA. The ultimate desire is to be able to, in one table, create a type of machine as a template like a lawn mower, where we can create a custom maintenance schedule ie: (Service 1= oil change Service 2 = Oil change+air filter change ect. ) to be automatically added to the master task list (a different table) at various times. Also have a way to start this schedule automatically when we ‘add’ a lawnmower to our inventory. so the master task list would say ‘lawn mower 1 service’ and indeed when one looks into the notes it would have specifically what needs to be done at that time.



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