Automatic recurring monthly row

Hi, I have a table that I would like to add tasks automatically monthly.

Any pointers?


HI Fran,

Welcome to CODA!

Could you provide more details of what you would like to do? Where are the tasks? - in a separate table? Are they the same tasks every month?

Assuming that the tasks are in a task table template - each task could have a button which copies the task to the required table, and that button can then be pushed by a monthly automation. If different tasks needs to be copied on different days on the month, you would need to filter using some characteristic to determine which rows need to have their buttons pushed.

Hello @Fran_Perez ,
You can use an automation: this allows for a lot of automatic actions, amongst others adding, modifying or deleting rows in a table of your choice. An automation can be triggered by an action (changed row) or by setting a time or time interval. In the screenprint below it is set to trigger every 1st day of the month.

Hey, thanks for the pointer @joost_mineur! I finally managed to accomplish it by following this example: Way to generate periodic tasks - #4 by preeyanka