Recurring task (payments each month)

Hello, probably this topic was discussed here in several ways, but cant find final solution for us.

We need to make payment list and as some of the payments are made every month, once click on checkbox, that was that particular row in table payed, it will automatically make copy of the row to next month. Any idea how to do this please? Thank you!

Hi @Marty_Nator
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Please: have a look at this example:

It's a bit broader in terms of periodicity, but the concept and the actions are more or less the same.

The key concept is to decouple the effective Task (in your case Payment) from the recurring “template”, so that you can create an instance every time the action is triggered (usually an Automation would “push” the button that I have provided)

Let me know if it goes in the right direction and if you need more insights.



Hi @Marty_Nator and @Federico_Stefanato :slight_smile:

Sorry to bump here but while reading i’ve had a simple idea that maybe can simplify the work :slight_smile:

Warning: extremely basic concept, the advanced answer have been already provided by Federico so this is just an addition to that!

If for every “payment” row you could use a button instead of using the checkboxes you could use that to check whatever box you need AND copy that row with “date + 1month” in the same table/in another

Also, if a batch selector is needed you can always use a checkbox for every row and a button below the table that press every button of that table that have the checkbox=true

Hope that’s clear, in case i can prepare a fast dummy doc to show the concept :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mario,
good point and also appreciate the approach for the simplification! :+1:t2:
And happy community anniversary! :cake: :smiley:

The potential drawback (but maybe this is not the case) is that it’s harder to have an overview/management of the actual recurring payments.

Also, when you check one payment you have to de-check it in the cloning process, otherwise you risk to have an exponential proliferation of clones (which sounds quite familiar, these days…)

Anyway: in a simple context it’s a great simple solution.

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Hello, thank you very much for suggestions. Here is the very basic table. Can you please help me how to make button, which if I click will make a copy of the same payment to next month? Thanks!

Hi @Marty_Nator,
could you share your doc? (upper right corner: remember to let people with the link edit the doc).

So that I could add directly the button and some explanation into the doc.

Thank you!

Hello, sure, here is the link :

And thank you for your help!

Hi @Marty_Nator,
I provided the functionality within your table with a minimal consistency logic.
e.g. you once you “duplicate” a payment, you can’t do it anymore; rather you duplicate the duplicated one…

Please let me know if this works for you and if you need some deeper insight.

Happy to help!

Great, thank you very much, this is what we looked for! :+1:

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