Monthly recurring tasks and automation


Dear community members,

In this template we have Weekly and daily tasks.

To enhance the usability I should like also to enable Monthly recurring tasks as in the table below:

Task Day of the Month
Pay salaries 15
Pay travel expenses 1
Send news letter 10

I should like the automation to add these tasks on a weekly basis in case the date is available in the upcoming week. Like this week we have the 15th, so “Pay salaries”, should be added to the tasks list.

A helping hand :handshake: would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time and of course if we get a working solution, it would be perfect to get the current template updated :pushpin:


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Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

If I have understood you correctly, you will run an automation every Sunday to add monthly tasks to your To-Do list. I believe this action should do what you want it to do:-

[Monthly Tasks].filter([Day of the Month] >= Day(today()) AND [Day of the Month] < Day(today()) + 7).FormulaMap(AddRow([To-Do List], Task, Task, [Due Date], today()-Day(today())+1 + Days([Day of the Month])))

I haven’t tested this specifically, but I’ve used something similar. Let me know in case it doesn’t work.

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Here is a basic solution I found for a monthly reminder with Codas Automation function:

Check if monthly tasks is a todo today (click to expand)

Set up the table

The “Done” button sets the “Due?” Column to “no”

Set up a daily automation that checks if today is the day

If it is the day, the “Due” column should be changed to “Yes”.

And this might answer the original question by @Jean_Pierre_Traets :

Check if monthly tasks is a todo this week (click to expand)

At first I calculated if the day is in the current week.

Then I switched the automation to weekly and changed the filter.

From there you can

  • filter your Table and get your current todos
  • or check for “Due”-tasks and fill them in a specific todo table with automation

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Hi again @Jean_Pierre_Traets!

@Rahul_Jaisheel and @Daniel_Stieber are correct. I didn’t realize that FormulaMap had access to the direct column names since it’s context was only on a single row.

Formula: [Monthly Re-Occurring].FormulaMap(AddRow(Tasks,Task,TaskName,Date,RelativeDate(Date(Today().Year(),Today().Month(),DayOfMonth),1)))

You have to make a choice about what the “Day of the Month” means, within the context of “now”. I decided that when the script runs, it simple adds a task to next month, with the given date. This means the function above should only be run once a month,

If you want to have it run weekly, you’ll have to get fancier with your function to check the day of the current month, and whether the “Day of the Month” has passed or not. If done incorrectly, you will begin to get duplicate entries.



Dear Daniel,

For me it remains amazing how you find solutions towards this kind of challenges :muscle:
So far, so good. But I have something more on my wishlist.

As you can see in the below link, the weekly and daily tasks, are moved to the To-Do List with a rule in the automatisation.

Can we get this also working for the monthly tasks, showing the right due date? ( the link has edit rights for everybody)

Edit: 16.01.2019 12:10 (EET) => I think that the solution is already provided by @Lloyd_Montgomery in this post: Monthly recurring tasks and automation

I will try to fix that later today:grinning:

In this way at the front end we will have only one “To-Do List” and in the back end we will have the tables for the monthly, weekly and daily tasks.

Thanks for your time spend on this subject :pray:


Is there a way to enter in a reminder or task that populates every 3 months? Example - change air filters in house every 3 months.



Hopefully this post will be useful :hatching_chick:

Kind regards,

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