Duplicate row with the same values after a period of time

Hello community! I’m trying to create a template to have control about my budget. But I’m a little confused about adding a row periodically for each income or expense that is a repeated transaction. For example my salary I would like to know if there is any way to automatically add a row with the same values each month if i click a checkbox or something similar.

Yes of course :grinning:. You could create a separate table with similar columns called repeatable transactions and then have an automation to click a button to add these transactions when they are due.

Hi Steve

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Shaheed’s suggestion will work, you can also trigger an automation.

But a question, why do you not simply load your bank statements into Coda?

Rambling pete

Hi Piet! I don’t try Shaheed’s suggestion yet. However I didn’t understand your question, do you have an example or some documentation to see what you mean?

HI Steve,

It sounds like you are recording the entries every month, hence wanting to automatically duplicate them. So my question is, have you considered uploading your bank statements into Coda, and then analysing the uploaded info?

I unfortunately do not have an example I can share, as it contains my personal info. But here is a screenshot:

The idea is very simple - you download the info from your bank. (The first five columns.) Then in the sixth column (green arrow) you have a lookup to a table with expense names/ accounts. And then you group on the account and time period you are interested in.

In the blue column I go a little further, because I have USD and ZAR accounts, and need to translate the currencies.

Rambling Pete

If you want to stick to just copying the row, here is an example button:

You have a column where you say how far into the future you want to copy a row, 7 days, 14 days, etc.
In the button you copy each column you need in the destination. For the date column you add the value in the aforementioned column.


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