How to replicate current row in a table with many columns?

I am new to Coda but so far like its flexibility and friendly UI. Porting my PARA implementation over from Notion. I am using Addrow function to implement recurring tasks with a “Done” button. Since my table has more than a dozen columns, my newbie of using Addrow function created a super long formula

if(thisRow.Recurring>0, RunActions((AddRow(Tasks, Tasks.[In Box], thisRow.[In Box], Tasks.Done, thisRow.Done, Tasks.Task, thisRow.Task, Tasks.[Start Date], thisRow.[Start Date]+thisRow.Recurring, Tasks.[Due Date], thisRow.[Due Date]+thisRow.Recurring, Tasks.[Parent Task], thisRow.[Parent Task], Tasks.Project, thisRow.Project, Tasks.Priority, thisRow.Priority, Tasks.Recurring, thisRow.Recurring)), ModifyRows(thisRow, thisRow.Done, true)), ModifyRows(thisRow, thisRow.Done, true))

I am wondering if there’s a variation of the addrow formula that by default replicates all the fields except the columns specified in the parameters? Something like:

ReplicateRow (Table, Column_to_change_1, value, Column_to_change_2, value)

Thanks for the help!

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Hello @Haihao_Wu :slight_smile: And welcome in coda community! :slight_smile:
That seems like an advanced formula! :smiley:
If you want people to understand it easily maybe attach a demo doc the next time :sweat_smile:

I’m pretty sure that there are no way to use the formula in your way, but if you share the doc i can give a look to see if it can be optimized somewhere!

If you cannot share or don’t want to wait (cause you seems a little bit advanced for your first post :sweat_smile:) the trick is to copy the row instead of the single cell value, in this way datas can be recovered in the destination table with another column that treat the cell you just filled as the original table, so columnname act as tablename!
To fill all the row you just use that one :slight_smile:

You got the concept? :slight_smile:

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Mary, thanks a lot for getting back to me! Will learn how to make a demo doc later today. :slight_smile:

Not sure I follow your suggestion. I want to replicate a row in the current table.

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Hi @Haihao_Wu, sorry i didn’t realize that you were about to copy one row in the same table, this change a little bit the answer

As it is the same table, referencing to it is not suggested, but i’m pretty sure that your doc scheme can be changed to make it work!

Copying the same row not manually is not a feature offered by coda at the moment, so in your case you’ve made it right, but it can be improved taking advantage of coda possibilities :slight_smile:

If you share a dummy doc i can give you some ideas :slight_smile:

Really appreciate your help. Here’s a demo table. I want to replicate the current row when “Done” button is pressed, if “Recurring” is a positive integer. My table has 2 dozens or so columns. I was looking for a shortcut so that I don’t have to assign value to each field one by one (only start date and end date fields will change). Let me know if I am making sense. :slight_smile: