How to not add a row for certain row conditions

I’m pretty novice at coda formula

The goal is to create both a recurring and one off task list in one table. The recurring formula I have works well, but I do not want it to create a new row when the recurrence is ONE OFF or simply blank. Here is the formula below. Any suggestions would be great!

RunActions(AddRow([Recurring Tasks], [Recurring Tasks].Tasks,thisRow.Tasks, [Recurring Tasks].Recurrence, thisRow.Recurrence, [Recurring Tasks].[Due Date],thisRow.[Next Date], [Recurring Tasks].Status, “incomplete”, [Recurring Tasks].[Est Time],thisRow.[Est Time], [Recurring Tasks].People, thisRow.People, [Recurring Tasks].Room, thisRow.Room, [Recurring Tasks].How, thisRow.How, [Recurring Tasks].Link, thisRow.Link),ModifyRows(thisRow,thisRow.Status,“complete”))

You can add an If() formula in there to only proceed if it’s what you want to do

    thisRow.Recurrence = something etc etc,
    _NoOp() // a sepcial formula that just means "nevermind, do nothing"

Or if the ModifyRows() is only supposed to happen if we AddRow(), then you could move the whole RunActions( AddRow(), ModifyRows()) inside the If()

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