Automation Running Twice, Duplicate Rows Getting Added Help Needed

Hello Guys, I am new to coda
Running it from last week, Please help
I have 2 tables ,
I have set up automation that whenever Check Out Column True Then Rows will get added to another Table Called IMP

IMP Table have relation column with 1st Table (Source Table)

All is working good, I managed to get anything good, except this small issue, row is getting added but twice

If([To Do List].Status = “Completed”, (thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[Task Name].First()), thisRow)

formula I am using in automation bot in last Value

One thing I just noticed that
as soon as I am adding new row in my source table which is To Do List
new row will getting added in IMP table target table
& after I checked Check Out Column Its adding once more

I dont know why its not honoring my condition

I’m not sure I understand, but I noticed you basically don’t have any condition in Step 2.

Step 2 - (If) needs the full formula to know what’s going on, putting True() is the same as leaving it blank. If you’re trying to reference the row that was changed, you can type in Step 1 Result and use your normal chaining functions

[Step 1 Result].CheckOut = True()

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Thanks for reply

I just had true ()

after entering your formula
thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[Check Out] = True()

I am getting error

false value

My Target Table “IMP” first column “Task Name” is relation from Source Table “To Do List”

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