Recurring tasks using formula

I’ve been using a formula set up I found on YouTube (Coda Tutorial: How to Set-Up Recurring Tasks in Coda! (with Template) - YouTube), but I’ve added a few recurrence instances, including a “Once.” I’m struggling to get the formula to work correctly now - to keep the recurrences as I have them working now, but to make sure the “Once” only happens the one time and doesn’t add a row when I check it off. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

AddRow([DB Tasks],
[DB Tasks].[Task Name], thisRow.[Task Name],
[DB Tasks].Client, thisRow.Client,
[DB Tasks].Occurs,thisRow.Occurs,
[DB Tasks].[Due Date],thisRow.[Next Due Date],
[DB Tasks].Details,thisRow.Details,
[DB Tasks].[Is Done],“Incomplete”),
ModifyRows(thisRow,thisRow.[Is Done],“Complete”)

And here’s my doc in case it helps anyone to play around:

Hi @ebunge,

You simply need to not run the AddRow part of the Formula if the Occurs column is set to Once.

You can wrap it in an if statement like this:

Essentially this translates to, if occurs is equal to Once then do nothing, otherwise AddRow to create the next occurrence.

Important note, I have not included the “ModifyRows” in this conditional statement as you want that to run every time regardless. The close bracket for the IF appears between the end of the AddRows closing bracket and the comma.

Hope this helps


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@Dale_Cowling, thanks so much - that did the trick! I was playing around with some If statements in there and I kept getting errors. Thanks for the explanation as well - it really helps make sense of the reasoning behind it since I’m trying to learn the formula language better.

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