Automatic Page Locking Interruption

I was two minutes into writing a thorough column description and then all of a sudden the page locks and what I’ve written is gone.

This is much more noticable since you reduced the automatic page re-locking duration some days ago

Possible solutions

  • Let users toggle that pages should always be unlocked by default
  • Remove the automatic re-locking of pages or allow disabling of it
  • Don’t make locking close everything you’re working on
  • Warn before locking

p.s: If you implement a fix then please consider doing something similar for “Show Hidden Pages”

Thank you in advance!


This is getting really bad for me too! I feel like every few minutes my page just locks itself, way sooner than it used to. I can’t tell if this is intended or a bug…?


this item should be posted as a bug and not a suggestion.

that way it might get the attention from coda engineering that it needs.

and it IS a bug in my opinion.


This has been listed by support as a bug - the only remedy at this point is to turn of page locking for the page you are working on.

I am sure it will be fixed.

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