Automatically entering earliest/latest dates from a list

I’m trying to create a column that automatically displays the earliest date from a column of dates in a linked table and a column that automatically displays the latest date from a different column of dates, with the goal of knowing the full date range for a list of dates. Is this possible to do within Coda, and if so, how can I do this?

Hi @Barbara_Oedayrajsingh_Varma

Have you tried To use Min/Max function. I did it in Canvas but you can make it in another table or even in your dates table


Thank you so much! I’m trying to get the min/max date from a list of items within a larger column. The filter function I’m using is [Sub-task list].filter([Which task].Task=thisRow.Task), how can I incorporate this with the [Sub-task list].[Start date].min() formula?
I have been searching for Coda pages on how to combine both a filter formula and a different formula but have been unable to find any - apologies if there’s a very obvious answer to my problem!

Hi @Barbara_Oedayrajsingh_Varma

Start by filtering your subtask list to pre-select only the task you’re interested in

And then, work with chain writing to select the different dates. It will retrieve all dates linked to task “A” in my example (but works with B of course :wink: )

and finally the minimum of this selection !


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