Laste date before date

in tabel A i have a list of dates and other info

in tabel B
i need a formula to lookup the last date in tabel A before a date in current row of tabel B

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I’m replying from my mobile device, therefore not able to give you a detailed solution.

Please check out this post, where a rather similar case is given support for.

Hopefully you will manage and if you can’t get it working, just let the community know

Hi @Pieter_Lesage,

This is a typical formula for finding the Max date that’s less than another date. If you still have questions, you can always link to a doc here and use the Share settings of “view and play”. Then we can see your exact setup and give more directed help.

Here’s the formula:

[Table 2].Filter([Table 2 Date] < thisRow.[Table 1 Date]).[Table 2 Date].Max()

We filter Table 2 to find the dates that are less than the date in the Table 1 row. Then we take the Max() value of that list.

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I got it to work

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