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Hey there, maybe someone can help me out with an idea.
I am a musician, who sells music licenses on different platforms. One of these platforms provides me on a daily basis a csv file, which refelcts the actual download count for each song.
That gives me the opportunity to calculate the difference for each song in every date range I want.
But the way of importing the data is a bit cumbersome. I use the CSV import (beta) function daily. The CSV file has more columns I need for the calculation. that means, I need to delete 5 of 8 columns during the import process. As a final step I set the import date for all records without a date.

So I want to ask you, if there’s any way to automate that import procedure. I have in mind to define an import scheme - like: set the predefined taget table and then import only predifined column names and ignore all other columns.
Is there a way to do that with an automation which can be startet with a button?

I’d try Zapier.

It should be possible to have Zapier watch a Dropbox folder, ingest any new CSVs, parse them, and write data to a coda table.

This is untested but I’m pretty sure something like the flow above should work.

Thank you @Nick_HE , I’ll have a look on it. Maybe they provide the solution I need.
But do I understand it right - it’s actually not possible with coda onboard tools to do that?

Best regards

If you don’t mind copy-pasting every time, here’s what I would do:

  • Have two views of the table. One that has all the same columns as your CSV (your “importing” table), and another view of the table (on another page) that you use for browsing, with those extraneous columns hidden (there’s not really a need to delete the columns cause you can just hide them)
  • On the date column, set “Value for new rows” to be a formula of Today()
  • Then each day…
    • open the CSV in Excel/Sheets/Numbers/whatever, select all, copy
    • go into your importing table, make a new row, select the first cell (don’t click all the way into it so that you’re typing text in it, just select the cell itself), and paste
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