Automation Rule, condition with List Not Contains

I have spent countless hours trying to get this done and nothing seems to work. :frowning:

I have an automation that looks if a row is changed in DB1. If row is changed I want to take an action. This part is working great… but… I want to add a condition.

Condition checks if the value that is passed from Step 1 in the automation rule, is present anywhere in DB2 in a certain field.

Any formula that I have tried (I tried everything) doesn’t work correctly. When doing basic, like this:
Not(List("americanair","unitedair").Contains("americanair")), it seems to work, but when I am trying to use an actual list from the DB it doesn’t “block” the next step if one of the strings exists already.

Examples that do not work (either blocks all or doesn’t block at all. with or without the “Not” statement)
List([New Topics].Processed.Contains(thisRow.[Step 1 Result]))

Not(FormulaMap(thisRow.[Step 1 Result],[New Topics].Processed.Find(CurrentValue)).Contains(-1))

Hi @Olivier_Cuny :blush: !

Could you share a sample doc/mock-up doc with us here ?

It would be easier to see what could be the problem and help you :blush:


Hi @Olivier_Cuny
sorry to hear you are struggling with your automation.

As @Pch suggested, a quicker way to get things sorted out, would be sharing your doc (or a copy of it). This usually speeds up significantly the time of intervention.

Another thing I’d add to betted debug (and maintain) Automation, would be to extrapolate all the logic into a single button, and use the Automation only as a trigger: its only “logic” would be pushing that button.

Finally, I have the feeling that the datatype you are comparing might not be of the same type: this often makes things a bit harder to test (especially in List() operations).



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