Checking if a table "Not contains" a value

I have a trouble to check if a table does not contain a certain value :

This is the formula that I am using :
If(And(thisRow.[Step 2 Result].Relevance=True, thisRow.[Step 2 Result].Company!=“false”), ListCombine(thisRow.[Step 2 Result].Informations).FormulaMap(If(And(Contains(Event.Name, CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.name”)),
Contains(Event.Company, CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.company_name”))).Not(), AddRow(Event, Event.Name, CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.name”), Event.Gender, CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.gender”), Event.Nationality, CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.nationality”), Event.Company, CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.company_name”),Event.Event, CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.event”), Event.Age, CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.age”), Event.[Function Type], CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.function_type”), Event.Date,CurrentValue .ParseJSON(“$.event_date”), Event.Source, thisRow.[Step 2 Result].URL ),“”)), “”)

I have trouble in this part : (If(And(Contains(Event.Name, CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.name”)),
Contains(Event.Company, CurrentValue.ParseJSON(“$.company_name”))).Not()

When I verify the condition with contains without “Not” it works but when I use Not it doesn’t work.

I tried in If(condition, IfTrue, IfFalse) to make an empty string in the IfTrue and the addRow() in the ifFalse but it also returns an error


It returns an error or a wrong value?
Can you share some doc with the formula that you are trying to do? It seems that this is an automation trigger.

When I have problems with contains/filter, normally it is because it is an array inside another array or something simmilar.