Lookup to return all rows that contain a value

Essentially what I’m trying to do is find a formula that generates the same values I’ve typed into the “Formula?” column in the second table below.

More specifically, I know how to write a lookup where (thattable, column1, =thisrow.X) returns all rows matching thisrow’s X. And I know how to write contains formulas. But I want to combine them, to return all rows where “All days between” contains “Date”. Or happy to consider another way to do a similar thing.


Can you try
000byteam.filter(start>=date and end<=date).name

Thanks! I feel silly as I’d used something similar in an earlier step. That works for my need.

But also… out of curiosity. What if the data in the list isn’t so easily filterable? Like ingredients in a recipe, I still wonder if there’s a formula to return rows that contain that ingredient. Like the “Dishes (formula?)” column in the second table below.

You could do something like this:

This is working off the assumption that your ingredient list is just plain text value though, if you make your ingredient list a select column though, then you wouldn’t need my “list split” column

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