🤔 ".Contains()" is working, but "=" is not

I’ve created a “book notes” document, with a

  1. list of books, and
  2. list of notes (which looks up the books table)

I’ve added a column to my “books” list, which I want to look up all quotes associated with each book.

I tried—
[Notes from Books].Quote.Filter([Notes from Books]=thisRow)

—but it didn’t work. (I tried adding “toText” to every possible value, also tried getting more specific with column references—still didn’t work.)

However, the Lookup does work if I use “Contains” instead of “equals”—
[Notes from Books].Quote.Filter([Notes from Books].[Name of Book].Contains(thisRow))

—but this is too inclusive; I need an absolute match. (Example: suppose I record quotes from both “Book Title” and “Book Title II: Return of the Book!” ? “Contains()” would reference both.)

What am I doing wrong with my “=” formula? (Feels like I’m missing something obvious :woman_facepalming:)

Here’s my document, fwiw—

Hi Ashley, just had quick look at your doc. It looks like you’re specifying the quote column too soon. Try something like:
[Notes from Books].Lookup([Name of Book],thisRow).Quote

Thank you @mr_motus !! (I actually just stumbled onto that same solution after more putzing myself :upside_down_face: Many thanks for chiming in. :pray:)

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