Help with a simple formula - If() + ContainsText() 🥹

Howdy folks,

In the Available Items" table, each item is assigned a category in the “Category” column. In the “Users” table, each user can be subscribed to any number of categories. For each row in “Available Items,” I would like to insert into the “Email Addresses” column every, email that is subscribed to that category.

I tried the following, but am instead getting every email in every row:
If(Users.[Subscribed Categories].ContainsText(thisRow.Category), Users.Email, “”)

I tried using “ThisRow” but it appears that it only works for the rows in which the formula is being written.


Hi @John_MacCallum ,

Could you try this:

Users.filter([Subscribed Categories].ContainsText(thisRow.Category)).Email

Cheers, Christiaan

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Thank you so much Christiaan! I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last 48 hours. Learning little by little :).

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