Using Imported Email Labels from Google Pack

Hello all,

I’ve attached a screenshot showing what I’m trying to do. I would think this is right, but perhaps I need to extract the “UNREAD” word out of the Labels column somehow before I can use it in other formulas. Does anybody have any ideas?

Screenshot (18)

Hi @P_C,

I can help with this, could you share a doc, either privately or in this thread?

Are you trying to conditionally format the row if it contains “UNREAD”?

Yes that’s what I’m trying to do. Do you have a formula for me to try?

Would be easier if you could share a doc. I’m not sure if [Labels] is a string, a list, or something else.

If it’s a string, use RegexMatch Wait no, if it’s a string try:


If it’s a list, just look for UNREAD, not UNREAD,