Dates as a lookup issue

I have a table of calendar dates that I reference in another table as a huge select list because I want to be able to select multiple dates for any given row. I also want to be able to filter by date(s), but since they’re showing up as chips (because of the select list thing), I can’t do a traditional date filter. I’m even struggling to use the ToDate() function to extract the info. Any ideas on how to make this work? Sample doc to play around here:

It’s messy. What worked for me was:

First off, gotta grab the date property of each date (as you say, Date is a row, which inside has a property called date which is an actual date).

I was surprised that looping through each one via ForEach (formerly FormulaMap) with ToDate() was necessary (with some other tinkering I noticed that the dates came out as 1:00AM so maybe our different time zones was causing a problem?) but in any case, that should work.


Excellent solution! I just recently stumbled on the same formula. It is indeed a bit messy but once it is in place, it seems to work beautifully.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I tried it out and it was really buggy for me. The ForEach() formula threw an error saying that it didn’t exist (I know FormulaMap() is the same, but that still didn’t work cleanly. I decided on a different way, instead, actually. Until there’s a multi-select for dates, I added a new column for First Day (the first day I will teach that lesson), and a new column for Last Day (the last day I will teach that lesson). I then filtered my Today View Table with a formula:

First Day >= Today() or Last Day <= Today()

It worked really well, and it’s a much neater solution. I really appreciate all the help - it definitely got my gears turning to come up with something that would work!


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