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Hi All,

What a great program I love the power of this application. I am having some issues with the back button on Android Mobile. Is there a place to control how the back button works? If I create a hyper link from one section to another section, after I have clicked the link, if I hit the back button instead of being taken to the previous section that I was on, I am being taken to the the document menu which really seams intuitive and users feel lost since the typical back button function will take you to the page you were on before. I get the same thing whether pressing the phones global back button, or when I press the < icon at the top left of the Coda Doc. Is there any way to control how those actions are managed? Is this a bug or actually intended functionality?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Rod,

Currently, this is the intended functionality and works within Android guidelines. This will work if the sections you’re linking to are the sections in the “tabs” in the bottom menu, then any that aren’t there will revert to the section list.

This looks like something we might revisit as some point though, so the feedback is very much appreciated!



I’d love to see each Doc as a separate “shortcut” on Android, which opens up as sort of a standalone “app”. This would solve @Rod’s problem as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit back once too many, and it takes me back to my Docs list (I currently use only one Doc so it’s a bit disorienting for the app to go back to that list).

Wow, thanks for the very quick and informative reply. That is good to know about whether the sections are on the bottom menu.

That is in part what I am trying to avoid. I have dozens of sections in my doc, and even grouping them in folders that many options can be a little intimidating for new users. Part of my goal is to limit what they see initially load the page to just a few options and then when they select one of the initial options, they are given a secondary set of option that are relevant to their first selection.

I currently only have one item on the bottom menu which is my home page, then all sections have a link to the home page to get back to it. Each section I have at the top a link to the home page, deeper links if any and a link to the previous page. If I could train users to use the prev page link I build for them it wouldn’t be a problem. But the back button is such second nature even me knowing the problem still end up hitting it often.

This brings me to one more question then, if we cannot control the back button, is there any way to hide what sections or folders show up in the menu? I was going to ask this on another thread as it would help me in another area, but if that was possible it could be a partial work around for this item to hide items from the menu that are not relevant.

Thanks again for the quick reply, detailed information, and also the glimmer of hope that it could be revisited in the future.

That aside, this is an incredible application, I have been looking for something like this for years and have tried many that have the right idea, but none as implemented as well as this. I tend to steer away from monthly subscription models, I prefer to pay the bigger one time price for a program and then pay for upgrades when I deem them worth it, or use free tools. But I have already signed up for the teams and no regret so far.


Thanks for adding to the thread. What a good idea a separate shortcut for each doc, I would vote for that if we had a place to do that.

I too get frustrated when hitting that back button one too many times and ending up somewhere unexpected. I have done the same in Coda, and although I do have more than one app, it is rare I am wanting to back all the way to my list of apps, 99% of the time I am just looking to go to the beginning of the doc. . I like your use of the word disoriented, that is the perfect description for both what I referenced and what you referenced.

Separate from the individual doc link idea which I like, a simple “Are you sure you want to exit the Doc” might be another option. Sometimes those can be annoying too when you really do want to exit, but much less annoying than being dropped out of an app unexpectedly. @BenLee, is that anything possible or on the drawing board?


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I always felt that the back button was one of the weakest point of the app.
There’s no feedback, it is too tiny, we are never sure we pressed it. Also, I feel that there should be another way to access the doc list, like at the bottom of the section list. Going back with the back button is not the best way to do this.

Would you think about tabs to have a few docs open at the same time?

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