Launched: collaborate from anywhere with our mobile app redesign

We gave the mobile app a makeover! Updates now make it easier to collaborate—wherever you go.

Less searching, more doing.
Find what you need, whether you’re looking for a doc, a page, or specific content.

  • Forgot a doc’s name? No sweat. On the new homepage, sort by docs shared with you or in which you’ve been mentioned.
  • Need to skip across pages? We gave the page list a redesign to feel more like the desktop experience. You can now hide pages or add them to your personal bookmark list.
  • Looking for key content? We removed the bottom tab navigation within a doc to give you more reading space. If you miss the tabs, you can always turn them back on in the doc settings.

Get started, and keep going.
Create new lightweight content, and get your team engaged.

  • Share smoothly. Starting a new doc and inviting your team to it is even simpler on the new mobile interface.
  • Grow quickly. You can now add pages to your docs right from the mobile app.
  • Continue the dialogue. Navigate comments and contribute to threads more easily and intuitively.

Ideas and important questions can pop up anywhere, so use the Coda mobile app to cross off your to-do list before you even turn on your computer. Or if you choose to keep it shut, we won’t tell anyone!


Hi! When setting up for mobile, do you recommend to make seperate views for them?

So what I mean is lets say you have a desktop version under 1 page group, should you make a mobile version under another page group also?

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This is great! Is it HIPAA compliant yet?



Hi @Kristal_James! Welcome to the Coda community! Great question; quite a bit overlaps with the security certificates we are already have, but we haven’t gone after that one just yet. It’s on our radar, but we don’t have a timeframe on when we might make it official. We have a lot more details on our commitment to protecting our user’s privacy on our trust page.

@Jake_Nguyen Thanks for your question! Our goal is that you don’t need to set up separate views, but depending on your doc, it might need some adjusting or in some cases could benefit from separate views. We recommend reviewing your docs on mobile before you share them out and handle it on a case-by-case basis. Thanks for using Coda!

Thank you! I know a lot of people who are interested in the HIPAA and FERPA options. I look forward to having that become official. Thank you!


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This is such a great update! I love the redesigned bottom tabs too. Thank you Coda team!

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Love the update! Looks much more polished and I like the colored bottom tabs! One issue I noticed is that when a doc is locked and restricted to specific users to unlock, any user can hide a page (which is not a feature on the desktop) and there is no option for them to unhide pages or show hidden pages.

The menu to show hidden pages is in the new left menu with the 3 dots, but the 3 dots are only visible if you have doc unlock privileges.

Personally, if the user is not allowed to unlock a doc, I would prefer that user not have the ability to hide any pages or even view hidden pages. I have users that only use docs like an app and these functionalities would only confuse them and lead to hiding pages in error.

Permanent Dark mode set by doc maker please.

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So much better, thank you!

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Nice update but having a high complex project management doc with hundreds of task and so many different project it’s still very hard to use for me without a computer or at the very least on the iPad with mouse support on the browser version.

Still miss a very important feature, the universal search inside a doc that would make me use more the app because if I need to quickly update a specific task I can search for it without drilling down too many clicks.

I hope it will get better in the future, even if the value of Coda in my life isn’t related to it’s un optimized app version.

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Dear @Frank_Strack , dear @Coda_hq,

I like to see the positive site of things, but what a missed opportunity here. There were some issues with the mobile experience and an update has been promised for so long, but this is not what I, and I can’t imagine many others, were waiting for. The actual experience is worse that it was.

I have not joined the beta program, because with Coda it’s an all or nothing deal and last time I joined a beta, there were too many issues with my daily used production docs. Problems are OK for a beta testing, but not if ALL docs are affected. So this time I decided to wait and see, but I had not bargained for another big update the Coda way - no notice and here are are. No choice as to implement the new version or not - we wake up and the update is a fact, the good and the bad.

Since the update is, at least in part, meant to allow Coda to work more like an app (which for me, it already did pretty well), I am going to skip reviewing the document area, because for my purposes, that works fine. You find the doc you want, you open it and there you go. So no comment about that part of the mobile experience.

Upon opening the doc, there is nothing but disappointment, sorry to say it blunt like this. A few unwelcome changes and too many things unchanged.

Let’s start at the beginning - upon opening a doc. You can now choose doc navigation, either Tabs or Sidebar. If you choose Sidebar, you get Sidebar, but if you choose tabs, you get both! So you might as well leave the Sidebar option away and just have a checkbox for Tabs. But worst thing is, if you choose tabs, you get only a max of 4 options, a dot and then a 5th one (actual page - which is kind of nice) . The other bookmarks are not accessible any more (through the tabs). The little hamburger menu option we used to have at the very right of the Tabs bar is gone.

When using the side bar, there is a prominent arrow top left. You would think this closes the sidebar menu, but it closes the doc. I am sure my users will do that frequently.
There is no graceful way to close the side bar, other than trying to touch the little bit of page you see at the very right of your screen (or making a page choice). That is not very intuitive.
There are some grey bars in the sidebar - and I can’t figure them out. The first thin one is between the bookmarks and the page list, but then there are some thicker ones down in the list and the meaning of those is beyond me.

Any doc editor can now Hide any, locked or not, page and this option is way too accessible. This is asking for problems. It is also way too easy to find the option show hidden pages. I am very aware of the limitations of hidden pages, but they are hidden for a reason, because that is where you store your base tables, setup information, hidden functions, etc. You can even wonder if they should be accessible on mobile, but at least not this easy. And not for everyone.

Sharing permissions: it is way too easy for editors to share a doc. So, I turned that off in my settings. (Allow anyone who can edit to change permissions and share.). The little share symbol stays visible for all users, but upon pushing it nothing happens. That nothing happens is good, but the share symbol should not be visible in the first place. And, worst, when this permissions are turned off, users can’t edit their bookmarks any longer (they can remove a bookmark, but not make new ones). The hamburger menu at the top of the side bar is not there any more when the sharing permissions are turned off.

Going to the stuff we deal with every day - most this is old grief, but I can’t look side by side to old and new so I might as well complete this posting with my (previous) findings:

  1. page headers should use a smaller typeface on mobile and less spacing between the title and the body of the face. The wast of screen can be enormous, in particular with some more descriptive titles

  2. Tables: Coda is still setting the table to card or table view, based on the table setup. That should be a doc makers option at design time. Table view uses too much screen - where I get to see 6 rows, there could easily be 12 rows visible. Card view also takes too much screen, there should be better card-view layout options.

  3. Longer lists get a button at the button of the list “show xx more” - this is in table view and in card view. This is a nuisance if you access your list all day long, like for looking up product information and upon finding a row and going to a modal view. Every time you go back to the table (from a modal or from another page), you have to scroll down again, hit the button “show xx more” one or many more times. The doc maker should be able to specify at design time how many records to show, including the option show all.

  4. Modal views have way too much white space - on top, but also in between fields. There should also be some more layout options, to show at least some fields, buttons or checkboxes side by side.

Even a doc maker/owner cannot unlock pages, so editing on the go is in many situations impossible. I can live with this, but an unlock button for authorized people would really add to the usability for mobile.

As far as I am concerned - this update should be rolled back, or made optional, or some fixes should be made in a hurry. Since we already use mobile daily, I am not sure what to do. My users have to have edit permission in order to use my docs properly, but they are not all equally IT minded. In particular the sharing part, the hiding pages part and the side bar vs tabs really worry me.

For the future: please allow us to participate in beta with selected docs, not an all or nothing deal. I would have tested and contributed before the release was made final. There are just too many risks using production docs for beta testing.

Of course, I still love Coda and I appreciate all the updates - but sorry, not this one.

Greetings, Joost


While I am ranting: if something is presented as a big improvement, a few nice surprises would be nice. For years we have been doing without a decent calendar view in mobile. While that is not a gamechanger, the calendar view upgrade would not hurt my feelings.


That has been our team’s experience so far. However, I would love the Codans to consider “page conditionals”; a simple attribute mechanism that would allow us to selectively expose and hide pages when the viewport is constrained (i.e., on a phone).

Page inclusion conditionals would also be powerful tools for shaping content ideally for specific contexts.

Imagine you’re standing in a bucket 45ft above the freeway looking at a Coda document on your phone and the installation process is one of five broad systems the technician must install. Sure, we have selectors that move them into the right pages/steps, but it would be ideal if high level context setting allowed us to reshaped the mobile app so the technician doesn’t have to tap anything.

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Thank you so much! This is a fantastic step in the right direction. I was seriously debating if I could keep using Coda because the mobile experience was so difficult to work with. I need to be able to add and edit content on the go, and it’s SO much easier now. Excited to see other important things I’m sure you have coming for mobile in the future. Some of my picks include being able to SEARCH within a doc, CONTINUOUS SCROLLING for tables, the ability to REMEMBER SCROLL POSITION after a page / table refresh (!! :pray:), and ability to use slash commands in edit mode.

Given how the options were presented as radio buttons in navigation options, I thought tabs and sidebar were exclusive but it seems like when you do tabs you still get sidebar.

Hello @Frank_Strack ,

We recommend reviewing your docs on mobile before you share them out and handle it on a case-by-case basis

I agree with that, but, how can we guide our users in using the right pages? Every user that has access to our doc(s), has access to all pages.
The tabs at the bottom give some guidance, if properly setup. Would it be an idea to get the old tabs back (where we had quick acces to however many favorites as we marked for the tab bar). There was still access to any page in the doc with the hamburger menu, but is was very clear which pages you would most frequently need. It would be an absolute winner if we could (as an option) have the doc maker put together the tab bar with 4, 5, 10 or however many favorite bar choices (and optionally disable the new doc navigation.

I would be happy to spend some extra time getting into details regarding the mobile experience, just let me know if you want to discuss some options. I have been using mobile with my team for over two years and I have some hands on experience about what works and what doesn’t and the bottlenecks people run into.

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I’ve been waiting for this for years and literally JUST asked for it days ago! I can now say goodbye to Notion, finally. Well done Codans! I can’t speak to the nuances mentioned above as I haven’t investigated yet. And we can always improve. But this, at least for me right now, is “good enough.”

Edit: I spoke too soon. Need the ability to add images on mobile and mobile search to be able to replace Notion.

Interesting how you segment “lightweight content” from heavier content. Of course I’d love the ability to add and edit heavier content on mobile as well, but I will make do with this for now.

Also, there are strange little persistent bugs/quirks I still encounter on mobile. Sometimes when I press return, it goes to a new line but the cursor stays small, and other times it gets big. When it stays small, it prevents me from adding line breaks etc. Another bug is I can’t double tap to select the first word on a new paragraph. It selects half that word and half of the word in the previous paragraph, which forces me to double tap the second word and then move the highlighted portion over. The sooner these quirks are ironed out the smoother the experience will get.

Again, we can always improve, but I think this is a great improvement for me and those of us who use Coda on the go!


Adding top level pages on mobile is great. However, for it to be fully functional I still need the ability to reorder them and add subpages.

Edit: one possible solution is long tap and then drag and drop. Another perhaps is a hamburger menu of page options on the right side of each page title in the sidebar.


Glad to see a mobile updates - PROPS, Coda!

My problem w/the mobile app is when trying to use my (HUGE) Samsung Galaxy Ultra tablet (did I mention it’s HUGE and unwieldy?)

Coda always forces it into portrait mode even though that tablet is HUGE - nearly larger than my 80" TV in the living room! :stuck_out_tongue:

That tablet is just begging to be used in landscape mode like on a computer but I can’t get it to change orientation, no matter what.

The smack in the face is when I start “swiping” the Coda app away, and it reduces in size - THEN the view actually rotates to landscape, just as its swiped off the screen what a tease! :frowning:

I’d love to use that (HUGE) heavy tablet w/Coda but I just can’t…


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