Backup Data using Zapier or Others


Hi Coda Community,

I created a doc for a local business, and they love it. However, They are concerned about where their data is stored, and wondering if there is a way to backup their data regularly. This backup doesn’t have to be recoverable into Coda, rather, the backup can be into a CSV, a GoogleSheet, or even an auto-trigger of the Coda export function once a week.

How can I save their data in case the extreme happens and Coda doesn’t exist one day? This is about pleasing a customer’s unreasonable desires, so suggestions such as “Coda already has history in their docs” is not going to cut it.

Can Zapier export data from tables or entire docs into another source? I just poked around and couldn’t find any reasonable options in Zapier.




Dear @Lloyd_Montgomery,

The client will be able to export the created documents from their account settings:

To be honest I just tried it, and I am disappointed, as you get files not indentifiable and in *.txt format

The *.csv format would be a better alternative.
The only solution as far as my knowledge goes is to copy past the tables to Excel / Google sheets.

Thanks raising this subject, as the question from a business perspective is reasonable

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Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

Thank you for the reply. As I mentioned in the original post, I’m looking to do this regularly, and automatically.

They are aware of the export function, but irregular backups are pretty useless. If we could trigger this process automatically via Zapier, then the question would be answered. Based on my exploration through Coda’s Zapier functionality, I don’t think this is possible.




Hey Lloyd, I believe you can do this using Coda’s API ( and can use a tool like Integromat if you want a code-free solution.

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Hi @Arpit_C,

Thank you for the reference! Not sure why I never considered that… I guess the only downside is the non-stable API, but at least we could set up a back-up system that lasts until the next API change.





Absolutely, you’re most welcome Llyod. Feel free to email me on should you need further help.