How to backup coda docs and restore them

I have been taking backup of my docs with the help of feature available in account settings under advanced option. It exports the data but I want to know how can I restore it in case I need it.

I recd reply from coda that there is no such restore backup file but can you please let us know what other people are doing to backup

Coda is more of a cloud service than it is a filetype that can be downloaded and run on your computer. We do maintain backups and in various forms. An example of this is version history.

As far as the data download you mentioned in Account Settings, that’s provided because everyone has a right to their own data, so this is technically a backup, it’s just not as usable and working with your Coda docs on Coda’s service. This is more like visiting your Google account settings and downloading the data for your account, all the data is there, but it’s not as usable as it is on their system.

This is somewhat of a tradeoff when choosing what systems you want to work with. SaaS, Software as a Service, can generally offer more features as well as being available from anywhere and allowing for true collaboration. Traditional software on the other hand, like Excel, has the advantage of the file actually being on your computer and being able to save copies of it. Even these software systems are moving towards the SaaS model to try to compete with the always-available systems.

Depending on what you need from your backups, there are ways others are using to backup their data. Some send an email digest of a table to have a timestamped record of their data at a certain point, while others might use our API or Zapier to correlate data between a spreadsheet and Coda. If it’s a straight file download you’re looking for, that’s something we don’t have. This would simply be text version of your data because you need Coda’s system to run the formulas and functions.

I didn’t mean to oversimplify or over-explain things like SaaS vs. Files, but backups are an important aspect and I wanted to reply for others that may read this question too.