Beta launch: Microsoft Outlook Calendar Pack

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar Pack can now be installed via the gallery :heart_eyes: :tada:

The Pack lets you:

  • Import all your calendar events :spiral_calendar:
  • Create new events :date:
  • Update and delete your existing events :date:
  • Display your busy times :dotted_line_face:
  • And some more features :grinning:

If you are facing an issue or if you are missing a specific functionality, please let us know :+1:
We will then try to fix it until launching publicly!


Special thanks to @Eric_Koleda and @Damon_Kost for their feedback :raised_hands:
The Pack is now stable and officially live :tada:

To start off and to get some ideas how the Pack can be used, you can have a look at the featured doc:


This is huge! My wife uses Outlook Cal for everything is going to love this!


Congrats on the launch! Microsoft-branded Packs are all over our Request a Pack page. No doubt this will be a hit. Congrats again :muscle:

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@Daragh_O_Shea Thank you for contacting me regarding a feature request.

When using multiple Outlook accounts within the same Coda doc it might get confusing. Therefore I have added an additional column named โ€œAccountโ€, thus everyone can instantly see which user was used for fetching the data. The screenshot shows the column for the Events table, the same information is also available within all other building blocks :slightly_smiling_face:

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New features for the Microsoft Outlook Calendar Pack :rocket: :metal:

  • When creating new events via the Pack, you can now choose between more Online Meeting tool providers (Teams, Teams for Business, Skype for Consumer, Skype for Business)

  • You have now the possibility to add / remove / update event categories of your calendar events