Beta launch: Microsoft Outlook Calendar Pack

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar Pack can now be installed via the gallery :heart_eyes: :tada:

The Pack lets you:

  • Import all your calendar events :spiral_calendar:
  • Create new events :date:
  • Update and delete your existing events :date:
  • Display your busy times :dotted_line_face:
  • And some more features :grinning:

If you are facing an issue or if you are missing a specific functionality, please let us know :+1:
We will then try to fix it until launching publicly!


Special thanks to @Eric_Koleda and @Damon_Kost for their feedback :raised_hands:
The Pack is now stable and officially live :tada:

To start off and to get some ideas how the Pack can be used, you can have a look at the featured doc:


This is huge! My wife uses Outlook Cal for everything is going to love this!


Congrats on the launch! Microsoft-branded Packs are all over our Request a Pack page. No doubt this will be a hit. Congrats again :muscle:

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