Better format for link metadata

When sharing a link no doc specific image and tekst is used. Only default coda marketing tekst. Would be great to see some content from the doc in the link, or the possibility to set the content in settings. All links now look the same in for instance slack.


Hi @Hein :slight_smile:
If i share my published doc link i get a nice preview, with the cover image of the main page in evidence :slight_smile:
Try using the publishing mode if possible :slight_smile:

Hi Mario, THNX for your suggestion. I’m not using header images. And publish mode is no option. This is just a link shared in slack.

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I’ve tried to see the differences between published and not, and they exist.
Header image is not loaded (probably because the doc is not publicly accessible) and the subtitle is a “standard one”
If possible i suggest to share the publishing link (if people just have to use the doc and not to modify it)
If not possible because they have to edit it (and this is i think the only case in which is not the best choice) maybe just the header can be made public for sharing purposes @coda_team ?

Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 13.28.57 Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 13.29.03

Hi @Hein,

We’ve been doing some research on how to view shared links on Slack better. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks.

I’m excited for these enhancements! Would love to have at least the title of the Doc, and a preview of the page that’s being linked like Google Docs.

Hi @Lucas_Prokopiak,

And welcome to the community!

I think we’ll have you covered and then some with what’s on the way. Not sure when our launch date is for this feature just yet, but we’re getting closer.

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