Biggest AI Database on Coda (2800+ Links)

Hello, I’m glad to announce an updated free Ultimate AI Database Currently, it includes 2800+ AI services.
It has become more convenient, informative, and functional.
Here are a few advantages you will get when using this document:

Convenient and intuitive interface
The UI has been completely redesigned so you can easily find and select the right AI service without any problems. You can effortlessly find the required service, read a description, and view high-resolution screenshots.

Useful filters and classifiers
The AI Services Database now has convenient filters and classifiers so you can quickly sort and find the needed AI service. You can filter by category, type of service, tasks, and many other parameters.

More AI services
Over 2000 new services have been added so you can find and select exactly what you need. The database now contains more than 2800 AI services that will help you find what you need.

Description and screenshots
Each AI service in the Database has a detailed description and screenshots so you can understand the capabilities it provides. Our descriptions and screenshots will help you easily choose the most suitable AI service for your tasks.

Guides and useful documents for Stable diffusion and Midjourney
As a bonus, a separate section has been created where useful documents have been collected to improve your skills with Midjourney and Stable Diffusion (Guides, prompt libraries, connections with GPT4, and much more).

Join in and take advantage! I hope the document will be useful to you



This is super cool! Definitely bookmarking this, great job! I cannot seem to get the filtering / searching to work though, am I missing something?

👇 Click on the No results from filter below for to use the search

Hey, Fixed, please tap this area

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Beautiful, thank you for fixing it so quickly!

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Added Ukrainian version

Wow. What a vast generous resource!! Thank you!