Bug: Display column date/time format not respected by the display value for links to rows

Given a table with a date, time, or date & time type column as its display column, in a specific format, when rows of this table are linked in a lookup column of another table, then the display value shown in the row links in the other table will not respect the format specified for the display column in the source table.

Even if the format is kept to the default format (at least for my locale), the time in a date & time column defaults to “1:35 PM”, but is shown in the row link display value as “1:35:47 PM”.

The intended behaviour would be that the format of the display value in the row link matches the format in the display column of the source table.

Hey there - Thanks for passing this bug report to us about date/time formats not being carried over lookup a references which makes them display different, I’ll report this to our engineering team. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon :slightly_smiling_face:.

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