Bug - Images displayed form array are sized relative to each other

I am using formula map to display image columns in an array. I have done this in other docs with no problem. However in this doc, depending on the number of images, they are displayed in a relative size to each other:

In the above gif, the row with three image, the first and smallest image is not the same as the subsequent two.

I tried to solve the problem by concat() the image into a list. Interestingly one of the images that dispalys fine in the other formula/implementation returns the dreaded: Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 8.53.35 PM

Hello @Johg_Ananda!
Maybe ListCombine() could work :thinking:

Great idea, no work!

I can’t seem to recreate this. I’m using equal size images and all are coming back properly when referenced the same way as in your GIF images. I used the same formulas.

Can you try this without the CSS overriding and see if it still happens.

An also, are all these images the same size to start with?

They are all close, maybe not to the pixel, but not at all the way they are represented. Re CSS, I turn off and on Dark Reader:

If you can share an example doc where this is happening, that would help. I can’t make it happen on my setup.