Image in Concatenate() behavior has changed; images are now full size and cannot be resized

I have been using images in Concatenate() for several years to create wonderful effects. I use the thumbnail to show which user is assigned to a task.

As of yesterday March 9th, the behavior has changed, and when images are included in Concat() they now show ?full size, whereas before they inherited the size of the column preference. Image() is unable to resize them - any suggestions on how to tame the size?

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Hello @Johg_Ananda!
I was playing with this a bit and it seems the Image() formula only works with URLs so instead of using an Image Column use an Image URL Column and then you can concatenate and use the Image() formula to resize the image to your liking.

Hey @Saul_Garcia thanks for your help. How can I use Image URL on an Image Upload type column?

It is a bit of a manual work unfortunately, as I haven´t found a way of extracting the URL from a User uploaded image in Coda.
To get it you open the image and right click it to get the URL

Then you paste it in a Text Column or Image URL Column and use the Image() formula referencing this column

OK I was able to hack a solution together with this solution from @Paul_Danyliuk

I used this code for my [Portrait] image upload column:

ParseJSON(_merge(thisRow.Portrait) + "", "#/publicUrl").first()

However it would be nice if @Codans could advise what is the best practice. The image behavior changed overnight across multiple docs.