Turn image upload into image url column


Is there a way to automatically return images URLs in a column from images that were uploaded into a table?

Example below:


HI @Jeremy_Corman, thank you for the question. We currently do not support this so you can’t get urls to images that you have uploaded.


Hey @Jeremy_Corman,

It is actually possible with hidden formulas. Just be aware that hidden formulas are, well, hidden for a reason, and may stop working at any moment or break your doc.

_Deref_Object(_Merge(thisRow.[Image upload]), "publicUrl")

Ah, RWJ, blast from the past!


Hehe thanks @Paul_Danyliuk. That’s very very cool!

I’m glad you’ve noticed Ray William Johnson and I approve this message. :wink:


It only shows one image’s URL. What if you have multiple images?

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You iterate with FormulaMap then (but you won’t be able to show them in an Image URL column all at once — it supports only one URL per cell)

thisRow.[Image upload].FormulaMap(
  _Deref_Object(_Merge(CurrentValue), "publicUrl")

will get you a List of URLs


I’ve been expecting a solution for this for quite some time now. Mostly because images in Image column cannot be sized and also because if one would like concatenate (image,text) there is no other way to set a size of the image but to use one from image URL column.

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