Image url are not shown in formula column after upload image in image column

I have use use one formula column to display imageurl that was upload in the other column

However, everytime i upload new photo , the url is not shown (even i waited for 5 mins), I have to refresh the page so the url show up

is there any way to fix this problem

Hi @Korn_Tris !
As this is non sensitive data in my use case, I usually parse image url using @Scott_Collier-Weir pack’s that works quite great (Even though I know I’ll get scolded by @Christiaan_Huizer :smiley: using packs too much ^^)

yes @Quentin_Morel , tu as raison, I am not a great fan at all of the current pack logic :wink:

I understand the frustration of @Korn_Tris as well, it takes a while before the code is executed. This is a performance issue Coda has to solve. However you can remove the If statement you wrapped your code in, that may already help.

i have tried pack and same thing happened. thanks for your suggestion though

thank you. i tried as you mention but the same result . url are not shown until i refresh the page

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