Bug? Today Formula Showing Yesterday's Date

It is currently 10/16/2018, noon ET/9PT, but I am receiving the below when using Today():


I refreshed the document, but no change. Just a heads up as this looks like a potential bug. For reference, this specific cell and formula has not had any noticeable issues prior.

Update: I re-entered the formula, and nothing happened. I next changed the formula to Today()+1, and it changed to 10/17, as if recognizing that today is 10/16. I then removed the “+1” and it now displays the correct date.


I think there is a bug with that formula, i have the same problem of formula Today() showing yesterdays date sometimes.

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I think this depends on how “Today()” is used. It can act as a timestamp if it’s being recorded in a row, or it can act as a real-time value if it’s in an equation, like a count-down timer.

I’ll have to play around more to see exactly how it’s used, but for things like buttons, it will record the date and time when the button is clicked and then that value will stay in the cell.

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To clarify, I was reporting it as used in a real time formula, not a snapshot (like can be done with a button).

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I am using it as a real time formula in 2 instances happened to me today. In one section directly on the canvas I just need todays date, so i just went ahead and did =Today() and todays date appears. Today in the morning the formula was giving me yesterdays date. I erased the formula and put it back again and the date came back correct.
Additionally I’m using it on a view as a filter where it should show me just the rows that have todays date, but for some reason it was showing me yesterdays rows plus todays rows. I went ahead and cleared the filter and put it back again exactly the same and the problem went away.
The images are after clearing the filter and putting it back, so it’s just to show where I’m using the formula, since the results are correct after I cleared and put back.

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Here it is again, today is 07/11/2018 and as you can see, the records for yesterday still show

Here is the other example i showed yesterday, i placed a new exact same formula on the side and as you can see the result is different.

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I’m also experiencing this behavior! Or similar anyway. I have a formula column of Today() and an automation that copies the entire row every morning at 8am to another table, but that formula column reads yesterday’s date - as if it was caching the value which the automation picked up rather than refreshing the formula.

I understand you cannot currently trigger automations to react to formulas (must have directly edited), but a time-based automation should certainly get updated values for a row it’s accessing. It seems like a bug.

Dear Coda users,

Not sure but I suggest to try:

=Today() + hours(10)

Where 10 is the hour difference with Pacific time zone. I am located in Sofia, Bulgaria, 10 hours ahead.

Looking forward for your comments,
Jean Pierre

Are you saying it updated when you added “+hours(10)”? That’s consistent with my findings in that modifying the formula got it to show up correctly.

Dear Joseph,

I suggested with the best intentions, but had only now just the chance to test it, and indeed it’s NOT working.

@Krunal_Sheth, Your input will be much appreciated, as it’s a quite hot topic. :hot_pepper:

Kind regards,
Jean Pierre


It sounded good to me!

I am experiencing similar issues where the date from the formula Today() sometimes returns tomorrow’s date. I know this post is over 4 years old, but I don’t see a solution posted. Anyone else have this occur to them?

Nope - haven’t seen that. Could it be the timezone you are in and the timezone of your doc?

Could it be the timezone you are in and the timezone of your doc?

No, the time zone of the doc is the same as mine