Day() gives back yesterday and not today

@mallika, as you can see in the image below, the rather easy formula .day() returns not today (in my timezone), but yesterday. I have checked my timezone (Brussels). Is there a way one can solve this?

What worries me is that I am not the first one to report, already in 2018 this bug showed up.

to make it even more interesting :slight_smile:

I do not have confidence in the Trick Column that gives back the right number, it may work out against me in the hours to follow.

@Krunal_Sheth, Your input will be much appreciated, as it’s a quite hot topic.

thanks for your attention, best from sunny Belgium, Christiaan

Dear @Christiaan_Huizer,

Is there an option to share a copy of your doc?

Yeah, please do share your doc. I can imagine three things:

  1. Timezone issues
  2. The date having some time part to it actually (it’s not shown because of format, but it may still be there in the value, since all date/time/datetime values are stored as timestamps)
  3. Floating point issues — however the values should have no decimal part if it’s only the date and no time (12 AM is .0)

Okay, I noticed what’s wrong.

You’re using a Date format here, aren’t you?

.Day() returns a number, not a date. The column format should be Number.

What you see is the integer number getting evaluated as Date (number of days since 1/1/1900 12 AM UTC+0)

then just showing the Day of that converted date.


yes, this is it. thanks @Paul_Danyliuk

since I was working with a day, I assumed that a date format would be the way to go.

thanks a lot!

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