Bug with grouped data

I think I have found a bug.

This a screenshot of my table DB Tasks:

Then I created a view of that table and grouped by the column Projekte and Task:

Please have a look at Task 4 (marketed green) in the two pictures. Why is there in the table View of DB Tasks under the group Projekt 2 the task Task 4? There was never a task Task 4 assigned with Project 2 in the table DB Tasks.

I also deleted the groups from the View of DB Tasks table and still can’t see the third Task 4 which appears when I group the data:

Is this a bug or did I misunderstood something and it’s by purpose?

I found the problem. It was a mistake on my part :smiley: I must have accidentally clicked on “Pin this group to always show it”.

The admins can delete this topic.

Thanks for following up to let us know, @Yannik_Catalinac ! Glad to hear that you were able to solve this issue.

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