Getting duplicate linked groups

Have a table with multiple columns grouped. If I add a new group, the groups on its right get duplicated and linked. For eg. in the below table, when I create Project B & C, Task 2 & 3 are getting duplicated from Project A AND they are linked so changes to Task 2 & 3 in any Project will be reflected in other Projects too. The count of each Project (number to the right) is also wrong.

I do not want duplicates to be created nor linked. Not sure why this is happening and how to solve it.

I understand there are other schema for multiple hierarchies, but I would like to make this work, to avoid having to click into Projects or Tasks. Please help. Thanks.

Hey @Sree, this is happening because Task 2 and Task 3 are pinned groups meaning they will always show for each Project group. Importantly, no actual rows are being created, rather the empty groups are being shown. You can unpin them as follows:
Unpin groups

You can learn more about grouping and pinning here. Let me know if you have any other trouble and hope this helps!

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