Hide Grouped Empty Headers

If I group a column, all of the group headings show up even if there’s a filter set to filter out certain items from that column. How can I make it so empty grouped headings don’t show up?

I want to create a table with a lot of information and then whittle it down through different iterations of the table while still using grouped headings for ease of grouping.

Dear @Michelle_Huynh1 ,

This is the article you might want to check out

Just take care that they are not pinned and only the ones with content will remain.

Thanks! I was also mainly wondering if this can be improved because it’s pinning a lot of empty headers (when I create a row but haven’t filled it out yet). Is there a way to not show these automatically? Same with ones that are purposely filtered out. I can understand how it might work for things you’re actively working on, but it feels like it shouldn’t be showing if the filter parameters are purposely filtering them out.