Filtering by group in view not working

I have a table that users are filling in… in sections (groups). In the main document, I have a view of each group they are filling in. The summary of all the entries on in the main table on another page.

When I filter by group in each view. Some work fine and others have other groups showing.

What might I be doing wrong.

Hi @THNQ - welcome to the coda community!

Are the other Groups that show up Empty - as in they have no rows?

There is an Arrange and Manage Option that allows you to pin and hide groups. You can access it by right clicking on a grouped column.

Let me know if this helps.

I was getting the notice to “add a row” and I did (basically just clicking in the cell gave one to me).

However, after I have done that, they are still there. I will try to hide them as you suggested. This is not ideal, of course.

Thank you for your quick response.