Building a scoring system based on toggles

I’m trying to build a scoring system based on whether multiple toggles from different tables are on or off.

Is it possible to make this happen?:

  1. A user goes through 14 tables, each of which have 5 options.
  2. Each of the 5 options is associated with a score from 1 to 5.
  3. In a ‘results’ table I would like to show the individual score for each category…
  4. …as well as the sum of those scores.

Would be much easier if you have a single table with 14 views based on filters.
Having 14 seperate tables would require a lot of extra work and time spent maintaining, but it’s possible


Hi John,

I see no problem with getting that done, but I agree with Rickard, fewer tables is better. Almost all of the time.

In any case, could you provide more detail?
For example, these different categories, each with five options - are the options in separate columns, or in different rows?
Do the entries simply have to be summed together?



Hi Piet,

That’s great info to know going forward! Fewer tables. I’m new to all this :sweat_smile:

More detail:

There are 2 columns:

1 = A toggle
2 = A description

There are 5 rows:

Each description refers to a level of maturity for a category e.g. leadership

Row 1 = level 1 = 1 point = ad hoc

all the way to

Row 5 = level 5 = 5 points = optimised

If someone toggles the description in row 3, I would like to:

  1. Show the individual score and the level associated with it on a ‘results page’
  2. Show the sum of the scores from all 14 categories

Hope this helps explain a little bit more what I’m up to.

I appreciate any help you can give me!


Hi John,

I have built an example based on what I understood from your request:

There are two parts that I do not get:

  • What the toggle is and do
  • the need for 5 different rows to record the score?

Please add to the doc as you need.

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Hi @John_Harrison1 ,

check out this example doc:

For ratings, the scale column type is better fitted than the toggle type. In the question table, you can define the answers each number of stars is associated to.
In the user table, you can create a scoring for each user. Please note, that the main column is not user but text, you may want to change that.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Best regards



Thank you Piet!

I think I didn’t do the best job in explaining my desired outcome.

The toggle is for choosing the score.

The 5 rows were just the way I thought it needed to be built. Perhaps that’s wrong.

I’ll play around with what you’ve built.

Many thanks again. I’m 99% sure I’ll have new questions…

Thank you @M_Schneider! This is super interesting. I’ll have a play around with what you’ve built and see how far I get.

Many thanks again!

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@M_Schneider is it possible to copy the doc into my coda account so I can edit/play around with it?

@John_Harrison1 ,

yes, you should be able to copy the doc!

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It only asks if I want to request editing access, which I’ve done. I can’t see a ‘copy doc’ link.

You’re right, I tried it with a different account and it didn’t work, even though I chose all the right settings. Publishing docs really is an overly complicated and buggy process. You should now be able to edit the doc.

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Thank you! I was playing around with it this morning in a copied version.

It’s definitely better than the way I was trying to build it!

There are a few things I’d like to add but I’m not sure how…

Is it possible to jump on a call to go through it with someone? I feel like I’ll be able to describe what I’m trying to achieve.

I’ll send you a direct message.

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