Button + filter settings - help needed


currently I build a little sales doc for a test shop. There I have two tables:

No. 1 contains the current pricing. It does not have any history, just the current pricing.

No. 2 contains the sales of the day.

Via a button I want to put the current pricing from table 1 into table (for today only to not overwrite historical data).

I tried two formulas:

No. 1: With a date picker

No. 2: With “Today” formula:

In both cases the button is clickable, but I receive an “unexpected error”:

Does someone know, what I am doing wrongly?

Thank you and best regards,



The Filter statement in both No.1 and No.2 appears to be missing the parameter list to be filtered, in this case the table [Enter Daily Sales].

Note the difference between these two formulas:

  • Filter([Enter Daily Sales].[Business Day].Matches(datepicker1_entersales))
  • [Enter Daily Sales].Filter([Enter Daily Sales].[Business Day].Matches(datepicker1_entersales))


Thanks for the reply. I tried it, but ran into the next issue…

There is a 2nd issue in the formula:


Try changing:
Article *=* [Current pricing].Article
Article*,* [Current pricing].Article.


I tried this:

Technically the button works, but “Article = [Current pricing].Article” does not work.

I think with comma separation does not work as it is part of the filter formula.


I can’t tell what’s going on from the screenshot. If you want to share the doc I’ll jump in and take a look.



Here we go:


Thank you it worked!

For others:
Ander added a new column with a button “change price”

The configuration looks like this:

The he used the main button to activate all the buttons with the following filter:

Maany thanks!