Use Button in table to change text in doc

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to change text by using a button in a table. I have included an example table of what i am looking for. Thank you.


Yeah that does, but i am trying to change the John (that is highlighted) to the name to the button i click.
I then want to use that changed name (from the button) as the table filter. Example: Click “Change Name” button next to John and John’s name is displayed at the top, then filtered in filter table.

Not sure that makes sense??

Also, if it is easier it would be okay if the button just filtered the “Filter Test” table by the name?

Dear @Nick_J,

I am sorry for the delay, pls find attached the solution:

Hopeful I have managed to explain the steps well to understand the logic.

Thank you Jean! That works :smile: I really appreciate the help! I needed to think a little more outside the box :wink: I don’t think i would have figured it out. Thanks again!

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Thanks again for your help. I was also able to combine the buttons with your formulas, so i didn’t need the two additional buttons :slight_smile:

DeleteRows([NAME]), AddOrModifyRows([NAME], NameID.IsBlank(), [NAME].NameID, thisRow.Name)

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