Button that references own row formula?

Does anyone know how to format a button that auto-fills in a section of a row based on a formula?

Basically, I have a todo list. Each row is a project and I reference another table for the individual todo items. I want to add a “add todo” button to each row that references the name of that specific project. I already have a “add todo” button for the page, but I have to find the project each time I add a new todo item and my list of projects is growing and it’s becoming difficult to find. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m looking to do:

Right now the “Add a New Task” just creates a blank row and I have to fill in all the blanks myself. I was hoping to add a formula to make it reference the row that the button exists in.

Hey I would need an example doc - to be able to see the other tables - to be able to help you.

I’ll try and put something together soon. I can’t share this doc for confidentiality purposes unfortunately.

Hey @Benn_Bennett,

I imagine, in your Todos table there’s a lookup column back to the row in Projects? Then in your Add new task button you simply need to specify in your AddRow formula:

Tasks.AddRow(Tasks.Project, thisRow)

or use thisRow in your UI, if that’s how you set up the button.

thisRow is the reference you’re looking for; it’s the row of the button that’s clicked.