Button to remove logged user from multiple select people field


I’m attempting to write a button formula to modify a row. On my document, multiple document users are “tagged” in an attention field when a question is added. Once the logged user has completed answering the question, I want to provide a simple button to remove their name from the list. Rather than clicking the attn field and “deselecting” their icon

Here was what I tried:
ModifyRows(thisRow, [DB Questions & Answers].Attn, thisRow.Attn.Filter(not(User())))

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Hey @Scott_Hill ,

Do you want to use a row button or a button on the canvas. When using a button on the canvas, the formula ‘needs to know’ which records to process (like a filtered list or sequence with a filter) and then use your formula - not with thisrow but with currentvalue.
For a row button you only have to specify the fieldname and its new value (probably “”).
If you need more help please share a (dummy) doc with a sample table, the buttons you want to use and a good description of the criteria. For sure someone will get you started.

Try =thisrow.filter(usersMultiSelect!=user)

Found the answer!

Button → Modify Rows → Formula =thisRow.Attn.Filter(CurrentValue!=User())